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Alameda County travel insurance Empty Alameda County travel insurance

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Alameda County Travel Insurance is easy to arrange.
Review the Intermediacy? Insurance Brief Outline of coverage and rates pages before applying for coverage.
After reviewing the plan, click the Enroll Now link to enroll online, or by fax or by mail. When you enroll online, you’ll receive an instant receipt and Confirmation of Insurance by email. When you enroll by fax or mail, you’ll receive your Confirmation of Insurance by U.S. mail.
Effective Date
Coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. on the latest of:
(1) The departure of the Insured Person from his home country;
(2) The date after the Insured Person’s completed enrollment form and correct premium are postmarked to Alameda County Travel Insurance; or
(3) The requested effective date on the enrollment form.
The Importance of Alameda County Travel Insurance
Every year, thousands of international visitors and immigrants to the U.S. need emergency medical treatment and are unprepared for the high costs involved. Visit USA-HealthCare? Alameda County Travel Insurance provides illness and accident expense protection, will help you find a doctor or hospital and can pay for treatment.
Alameda County Travel Insurance


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