The difference of the IL CD/DVD duplicator from others

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The difference of the IL CD/DVD duplicator from others Empty The difference of the IL CD/DVD duplicator from others

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Our company launched the IL CD/DVD duplicator and cd-r CD, launched Various types and various types of series of IL CD/DVD duplicator. This series of IL CD/DVD duplicator is a small batch replication equipment, mainly applied in enterprises and institutions and individual replication, sending hundreds of pieces to thousands of small (CD), and has produced very good market prospect.

The key technology and innovation point IL CD/DVD duplicator of different IL CD/DVD duplicator of: we are in, it adopts the IDE interface cd-rw drive to realize cd-rom copy CD. This cd-rom drive than using SCSI interface pictures of cost, increase the products on the market competition ability. IL CD/DVD duplicator of the source and target driver drive by IDE drives. Because the IDE interface with bus exclusive characteristics, therefore, cannot be accessed multiple cd-rom drive. In order to solve this problem by using a CD, national engineering research center of independent development and unique IDE bus switch, data concurrent and programmable logic technology, this technology in DMA belongs to the first international. Due to the use of these techniques can be adopted, the embedded CPU speed high speed data transfer.

Compared with the similar foreign products of domestic manufacturer: at present, the products are no similar. Foreign products all adopt SCSI interface cd-rw drive, high cost and the need to connect with computer interface and SCSI, complex operation. Our IL CD/DVD duplicator, all function fully weaning, operation, complete one-touch both product cost or product performance than the same products abroad.

IL CD/DVD duplicator product features: Copy a button to complete offline copy, IL CD/DVD duplicator finish all the functions of all present support CD, IL CD/DVD duplicator copy CD supports 48 2x, 32 times, 24 times, 16 times, 12 times the speed and 8 times speed per hour can duplicat, copy plate: 90 tickets (650MB) ~ 410 zhang (10 MB), ISO9600 format to support UDF copy CD format, type of Multisession support additional copy, copy directly and hard disk can choose mirror mode copy

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